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"We only use products from nature, or from highly reputed suppliers, thus respecting the highest quality standards.

As soon as the ice cream workshop shop was created, we entered into a partnership agreement with a local farm "Ferme de Labaure", a dairy producer based in Lescure (09), 10 km away from the workshop.

A quality charter has been put in place to favor partnerships with local producers for the supply of 100% natural products.

We offer "top of the range" ice creams and sorbets that convey the values of transparency, honesty and a return to nature. Through our surprising frozen flavors, let your taste sensations express authenticity ..." Philippe Faur. 

His "ice cream philosophy" is as simple as it is ambitious : to rediscover the taste of natural products while keeping the authentic and original flavors.His production si artisanal, 100% natural, without flavor enhancers, without artificial flavors, without preservatives and without coloring.