Fresh truffles

Truffle is an ultimate luxury product which provides finesse and originality to every gastronomic dish.

Like the diamond, the truffle is found in the underground after a meticulous, long and passionate quest, that’s why it is also called “the black diamond”. But actually, the most exclusive and rarest truffle is white and comes from Alba in Italy. It is the only region in the world where those precious white diamonds can be harvested. Whether it is black or white, truffle owes its fame and reputation to its difficulty to cultivate, its rarity and its particular pungent and aromatic flavor. A simple preparation such as an omelette, some pasta or rizotto will enhance the amazing savor and flavor of this magic mushroom.

  1. Fresh summer truffle (tuber aestivum) from Italy - 50g
    Tartufi Morra Italy
    * Available
  2. Fresh black autumn truffle (tuber unicinatum) - 50g - price may vary as per market condition
    Tartufi Morra Italy
    * Out of Season
  3. Fresh black winter truffle (tuber melanosporum) EXTRA from Perigord - price may vary depending on market condition
    Maison Gaillard France
    * Out of Season
  4. Fresh white truffle 1st choice - 30g - price may vary as per market conditions
    * Out of Season