In our Secrets Room, we are thrilled to share with you our little “secrets” for a better cooking experience.

We have selected some different recipes to give you ideas how to use our products but also to try new dishes and to give you creative ideas to delight your beloved ones.

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Middle-Eastern recipe to preserve lemons
Shrimp, ginger and coriander broth by Jean-Francois Piege
COMFORT FOOD : Orange cake recipe by Jean-Francois Piege
Fregola sarda risotto with black olives and tomatoes recipe
My Grandmother's chocolate mousse recipe
NEW YEAR Obsiblue shrimp tartare with mango and yuzu pearls
NEW YEAR croque-monsieur with black truffle
NEW YEAR Caviar carpaccio with Scottish scallops and mango
CHRISTMAS Bresse capon with morels sauce (non muslim)
CHRISTMAS Duck breast with foie gras sauce (non muslim)

Items 1 to 10 of 181 total

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