Marrons Imbert carefully select and transform fruits to deliver an exceptional chestnut. Beyond the final aesthetic to which we attach a true importance, the delicacy of our chestnuts comes from our absolute quest of respect for the texture and original taste of this fruit. A beautiful fruit, a skillfully measured sugar, a slow and meticulous confection are essential assets to deliver an exceptional experience.

An intricate work

Imbert first selects most noble raw materials, from the most well-known castanicultural soils. Then they carefully and meticulously sort and peel fruits, to guarantee flavor’s finesse and delicacy and actually the high quality of our products. The result is their reward!

An unequalled know-how

Every year, know-how guarantees you a taste unity across fruit vintages. Thier Know How is key to sublimate chestnuts. "We combine our experience, the evolution of our traditional methods and our requirement for quality to offer you the quintessence of fruit" : Chestnut of Aubenas by Imbert®.

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