Le Paulmier

Le Paulmier

Maison Le Paulmier is a small craft firm, nestled in the Pays d’Auge, in the heart of Normandy. Following the footsteps of Julien Le Paulmier, the author of the first treatise on cider in 1588 and the forerunner of pomology, the Maison allows you to relive the forgotten tradition of the gustatory associations between the orchard and the flora of the hedge surrounding it. It also campaigns for the protection of the traditional bocage, currently so fragile and under threat.

LE PAULMIER cider vinegar is acetified on bases of dry cider fermented on the estate. The varietal bases are sweet and bitter-sweet apples from traditional orchards with full-size trees grown using organic agricultural methods. LE PAULMIER CIDER VINEGARS are matured for at least six months in casks after they have been acetified.

LE PAULMIER has created a fine new condiment by blending a reduced must of countryside apples and a five-year-old acidulate made from late sweet and bitter-sweet cider apples. On fruit, with a very beautiful consistency, the POMMEE will be a treat on salads, especially bitter ones, tomatoes, crudités and fruit salads. It also works as an icebreaker (fresh foie gras, scallops, veal, pork and duck) and on game, fish, reductions, caramelizations and vegetables (beets, onions and braised endives).

LE PAULMIER ACIDULATE CONDIMENTS thrive on traditional acetification in casks, with time as their only master. This extremely slow production process gives them a fruitiness and characteristic roundness , with a lower degree of acidity than vinegar. After two to three years of aging, they macerate these acidulates with fresh wild plants, picked by hand in the bocage hedgerows in keeping with the season, as Julien LE PAULMIER liked to do.

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