There are many lobster varieties in the world, but the blue lobster from Brittany is considered as a supreme delicacy.

Lobster is a chilly crustacean living in marine rock bottoms. In winter, it remains well protected in its hole. Once the water starts to warm up, it reappears. The best times to fish blue lobster from Brittany are summer months. In all cuisines, lobster is considered as a prized delicacy and all Chefs across the world agree that it is at its best when lobster is fresh, still “live”, then prepared with simplicity, just grilled under fire, but with salted butter. A royal dish that should be eaten with fingers unceremoniously.

  1. Live Canadian lobster 185 aed/kg - 400/600gm - price will be adjusted as per final weight
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  2. Lobster tail, claw shell-off 120g/150g - 120g (frozen)
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  3. Live blue lobster from Brittany - 500g - price adjusted as per final weight
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