"Only the best meats, the most natural flavours, the finest spices, the most qualified aroma-makers, and utmost attention to tradition."

In these precise, sought-after choices, every day Levoni respects the most precious gifts mother nature has to offer us. In every gesture and action, they are guided by a mission to help improve everyone’s well-being and quality of life.

The Levoni family vocation is the continuous pursuit of excellence without compromise, to bring unique flavours to those who choose our products. It’s a mission they share with all those who work with them, evident in their commitment to guaranteeing product transparency, the most careful selection of farms, quality control throughout the supply chain, the search for the finest ingredients, and total respect for natural times.

Exigency when it comes to quality and safety is in Levoni DNA. For this reason, all Levoni deli products are made from only 100% Italian meats. They label the products with exactly the same sense of responsibility, because providing clear information shows respect for all delicatessens and those who bring their products to their tables.

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