Organic chicken

To receive the "organic farmer' designation, the organic chicken must:
- be bred in an organic structure from the 1st day of its life and not be slaughtered before a minimum of 81 days.
- be fed on food made up of a minimum of 100% of agricultural ingredients produced under organic agriculture.
- be able to move around freely in the open air on a grassy course.
- no use of antibiotic treatment.

Our organic free-range chicken

Our free-range chicken comes from France, which is well known for its wonderful poultry-producing regions. The chickens run free, eat 100% organic food and are treated in the best way possible. The result : tender, delicious meat, no offputing flavors and just beautiful quality meat for your recipes. You can get whole chickens, chicken breasts, chicken sausages and a variety of organic free-range chicken that you can use in your cooking. Enjoy !