Eclair de genie

Eclair de genie


Christophe Adam is a figure divided into artistic director, entrepreneur, creative and, of course, pastry chef. He gained experience at the starred restaurant Crillon and then head pastry master of Fauchon, then in 2012 his career changed.

Thanks to the encounter unexpected with the entrepreneur Charles Lahmi, he realized his concept store mono-product around Eclair and, taking a lead from the great houses of luxury, cosmetics and fashion, he created the “Eclair de Génie”.

Therefore, the mastermind behind the success of L’Éclair de Génie is Christophe Adam. One of the most talented chefs of his generation with more than 15 years of career behind him, voted by Pudlo “Best Pastry Chef of the Year 2014” and Relais Desserts “Best Pastry Chef of 2015”, Adam realized all his talent and creativity in a new reference product of French pastries: “l’Éclair”.

But what is this new pastry much like? It has an elongated shape (a long and narrow strip about 8 centimeters) and is made with the same dough of cream puffs. The traditional filling is made with pastry cream to coffee or chocolate, and the ice is of the same flavor and color of the filling, revolutionized by Adam for taste, color and image. And Christophe Adam made it his trademark. The most popular are that the lemon cream and yuzu, the meringue and hazelnut streusel, Grand Cru by Guanaja chocolate cream and chocolate icing and Choco Pistache, by Pistachio.

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