Camembert cheese with truffles - 270g - 7 days lead time

Maitre Affineur Herve Mons France

Camembert from Normandie nicely infused with fresh truffles pieces.

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This Camembert cheese from Normandy can be considered as a luxury product, as it is embellished with fresh truffle pieces. Indeed, the truffle is a very tasty mushroom which is quite rare, and which is mainly used in the great gastronomy. In addition, this cheese is prepared with an exclusive seasonal recipe, giving it an exceptional flavor. It also contains mascarpone, the famous Italian cream cheese, to enhance its taste. Camembert lovers will not fail to appreciate its unique flavor and perfect texture. It is presented in round form, in a cardboard box on which are mentioned its different characteristics. This box is not completely covered, because there is an empty space in the middle, to let see and touch the texture of the outside of the cheese. Its weight is 270 g, which is very suitable for a tasting with family or friends.