It was in 1894 that the Société de Laiterie Coopérative Échiré was established in the middle of Deux-Sèvres, close to Niort. At this place, there was a flour mill that disposed of pure abundant spring water. An ingredient that remains essential in the high quality of the famous butter : the Echiré butter.

The producers are at the origin of the Echiré butter’s high quality. As such, they have established high standards of production that respect a strict quality charter that concerns not only the animals’ well-being but also the food quality. Currently, the milk is provided by around 60 members from within a 60km radius of the Echiré dairy.

Once the cream arrives at the butter factory, it is matured for a total of 18 hours, thus creating the unique flavour and personality of Echiré butter. The butter is then producedin teak barrel-type churns using ancient expertise. The cream churning lasts for two and a half hours, and this slow transformation of the cream into butter gives it a soft and tender texture, as well as a bold hazelnut flavour, an elegant taste which is characteristic of Echiré butter. The entire production process of Echiré butter is overseen by a master butter maker.

Today, the Echire butter is the most famous butter in the world and is considered as "la creme de la creme". It is also a classic icon of the gastronomy "a la francaise".

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