Pasta Mancini

Pasta Mancini


Mancini selects the varieties of durum wheat that best suits their fields, the environment in which the wheat will grow and the Mancini pasta-production method. They contribute to the study and natural development of new varieties of durum wheat in collaboration with the cereal expert agronomist Oriana Porfiri, in a region that is historically at the forefront of cereal research.

GAP is the set of rules that they apply for an eco-friendly and sustainable management of their agricultural activities, in order to produce a raw material with the highest and most nutritious quality, with the least possible environmental impact.

For each pasta shape a specific circular bronze die is designed and manufactured. Bronze increases both the porousness and roughness of the pasta’s surface and thus its ability to retain the sauce. The circular shape of the die extrudes a uniform distribution of the dough and therefore a homogeneous consistency to the pasta obtained.

In order to preserve and enhance the important nutritional characteristics of Mancini wheat, they have created specific drying recipes for each pasta shape based on variations in temperature, humidity, ventilation and rest.

Last but not least, the material chosen for the packaging is the result of continuous research with industry experts to ensure the best possible preservation of the pasta combined with maximum packaging recyclability.

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