Chilled milk-fed veal eye of round / Noix de veau - 1kg (halal) - price will be adjusted as per final weight

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Veal is meat from a young calf that is less than 5 months of age and weighs less than 500 lbs.

Veal has distinct added value compared with other types of meat. It is tender, low-fat, convenient and healthy.

Suitable for the growing demand for healthy "light" products, it is a refreshing culinary supplement to every product assortment and every menu.

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Weight 1kg
Specification T. Boer & zn concentrates exclusively and entirely on veal. T. Boer & zn are specialists in milk fed and Friander veal. Over more than 100 years that it has been in business, T. Boer & zn has developed from a comprehensive raw materials chain to a specialist in veal with a completely controlled and tested production process. This unique process satisfies the highest International Food Standard (IFS) requirements. The welfare of the animals intended for slaughter during their transport to the slaughterhouse and the preservation time and circumstances are an essential part of the controlled and tested process.