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Selection of 5 French farm cheese "exquisite" / cheese platter - 1kg (9006A)

Maitre Affineur Herve Mons
Upon Order
__ AED 199.50 __


Ovalie Cendrée Poitou-Charentes Goat 150g

Comté BV aop Franche-Comté Cow 200g

Bleu des Causses aop Midi Pyrénées Cow 1/4 300g

St Félicien Sélection Rhône Alpes Cow 150g

Langres aop Champagne Ardennes Cow 200g

Half of the fun about cheese platter is trying the cheese out with different flavors such as Poilane bread, fig or morello jams, mostarda, balsamic vinegar, honey, berries and grapes.