DOP Fresh Ricotta di Bufala 250g - excellent and historic since 1900's

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  • Barlotti
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Buffalo ricotta is a fresh dairy product, made by processing buffalo milk. The buffalo whey is separated from the curd, which makes it a fresh dairy product, not belonging to the category of cheeses. This product does not have an external crust. The consistency of buffalo ricotta is creamy, soft and smooth, distinguished by the unmistakable fresh and delicate flavor of the buffalo milk with which it is made. The color is white and the surface shiny, characteristics that make it similar to porcelain. The buffalo ricotta we produce has a truncated cone shape.
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Brands Barlotti
Weight 250g
Specification Ingredients: Buffalo MILK whey and salt Shelf life from packaging: 14 days Storage temperature: +4°C Where to store: in the refrigerator in the compartment dedicated to vegetables, where there is a good balance between humidity and air. Recommendations for consumption: Before consumption, to fully enjoy its flavour, remove it from the fridge 20 minutes before and open the wrapping; the product will begin to breathe and harmonize its scents in a new balance of temperature and humidity. Once the package has been opened, close and store the ricotta in its original wrapping without the aid of cling film or anything else that could prevent the cheese from breathing.