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Domenico Cocco started working at a pasta factory when he was only 14 years old. Over the years, the work became a passion. The young lad learned the techniques and tricks of the art of pasta-making so quickly, under the guidance of the senior master pasta-makers, that he was soon known as “Mastro Domenico”. He devoted his life to this fascinating trade, guarding all its secrets until he eventually passed them on to his son Giuseppe.

In 1944, Giuseppe Cocco took up his father’s trade. He was really put to the test with the difficult task of searching through bomb-site rubble for machine parts used by former pasta-makers. The machines were reassembled and started up again. With this sort of machinery, and those memories and those secrets, Cavaliere Giuseppe Cocco today produces in the village of Fara San Martino the pasta of those times gone by, just as good as it used to be. The precious ancient machines are still under the careful and scrupulous control of Cavaliere Giuseppe Cocco. He applies his unique experience to all the stages of the pasta-making process to ensure that all the protein value and nutrition remain intact, as well as the taste. The master pasta-maker pours the ground durum wheat into the kneading machine and very slowly adds the purest spring water until a firm, smooth dough is obtained.

Today, Pasta Cocco is recognized by the Italians as one of the best quality pasta available in Italy and in the UAE !