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At the foundation of mochidoki mochi ice cream is the mochi itself. Mochi is a rice cake molded from steamed mochigome, a short-grained glutinous rice commonly found in east Asia. The cooked rice is kneaded to form a dough that can be reshaped for various uses both savory and sweet. The finished mochi has a unique texture that the Japanese describe as ふわふわ (“fuwa-fuwa”), meaning “soft and pillowy.” Sugar is added for a subtle sweetness that accentuates the delicate flavor of rice.

Each piece has just the right amount of mochi to complement the ice cream without overpowering it. Mochidoki special recipe enables us to create a very thin layer of mochi while keeping it soft and smooth. When you bite into the delicate mochi shell, it adds a wonderful texture and lightness to the ice cream with every bite.


Keeping to the core of what Mochidoki does, whenever they develop a new flavor, the first step is always asking, what hasn’t been done before, and why can’t they do it? After all, they explore all the possibilities of mochi ice cream.


Unwavering dedication towards using only the finest ingredients is what sets our mochi ice cream above the rest. Our flavors and colors are 100% natural from trusted purveyors.