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Chatka is the company name dedicated to the famous Russian crab "Paralithodes Camchatikus". Chatka has been dedicated to fishing and preserving of Russian King crabs since the 30's. Caught in the cold, deep and pristine waters of Bering and Oskhotsk seas also named Kamchatka, the King crab from Russia is rare therefore, it is controlled by very strict fishing quotas to ensure sustainability of the specie. 

The Russian crab is highly prized in the gourmet world for its unique flavor and its firm texture, it is one of the most exclusive seafood. The fishing conditions to catch King carbs are extremely dangerous, once on-board, each crab is carefully hand-picked and selected to keep only the best ones and to match with the reputation of excellence of the brand.

Then, the King crab meat is boiled in sea water and preserved. Being 100% natural, the Chatka products are highly prized by chefs and gourmets for their nutritional values, their unique taste and flavor and their rarety.