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The Olon olive oil is an organic extra virgin product issued from the beautiful island of Limnos. After having collected the olives by hand, the owners of the Olon Estate transfer them directly to their private cold-press olive mill, where they are turned into a transparent pure oil with unique aroma that has not been subjected to any additional processing.

The first evoo produced is the strictly organic oil, monovarietal, from Koronaiki olive tree variety. Well known for its very low acidity and its richness in polyphenols, thanks to the careful cultivation, harvest and elision. The polyphonol content of the Olon extra virgin olive oil is very high compared to any other olive oil, it makes a true difference in terms of taste and health benefits. 

«Olon» in Greek means «everything», thus this Estate seems to have a very ambitious name but actually well deserved as the precious olive oil from Limnos island is not only a pure culinary nectar but almost a natural medicine by itself.