Ordering food online is getting popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Indeed, traffic is more and more dense every day, carparks are limited and packed. Last but not least, temperatures are very high, especially during the summer months, how long can you carry your fresh food in the booth without damaging it ?

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What about ordering food online in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ?

What about ordering food online in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ?

That’s the reason why ordering food online is not only a very convenient solution to enjoy more quality time with your family but it is also a safer way to enjoy food and to respect the quality of the food you purchased. By ordering online, you reduce the risk of breaking the cold chain. Indeed, Secrets Fine Food guarantees home delivery in double temperature controlled vans. Either your food is frozen or chilled, it is placed in the right compartment to ensure a perfect transition from the warehouse to your fridge.

Thanks to its wide range of artisan products, ordering food online through Secrets Fine Food is also the guarantee to enjoy high quality taste. All year long, Secrets Fine Food teams work hard to find novelties, to discover new artisans, to introduce new products. Every time, the criteria of selection of Secrets Fine Food are very simple : quality of taste, best origin, small-scale production and full traceability.  

Feel like trying ? So sit down, open your laptop, order food online and relax…