The prestige of Eurocave

The prestige of Eurocave


How can a wine storage be known as the Rolls-Royce of the wine cabinets ?


For 38 years, ever since 1976, EuroCave has set the worldwide standards of storage cabinets and reached a worldwide fame for the high quality of its storage solutions. Whether it is for “Grand Crus”, finely aged cheese or high quality cigars, EuroCave has a solution to keep and store your precious collection. Conceived by a team of French experts, Eurocave has managed to develop cabinets combining high performance, design and elegance.


Why to buy a Eurocave wine fridge ?


Even if there are similar products available in the market, there is no other brand able to associate high performance and esthetics efficiently. It was a challenge for the founders of the company to create a cabinet able to preserve the products in the same conditions as a traditional cellar without compromising on esthetics.


After years of research, Eurocave has managed to develop a range of cabinets able to protect the wine, french cheese or the cigars from light, to offer a constant temperature, to enable constant ventilation regeneration, to preserve the precious collectibles in a stable hygrometry environment and to eliminate vibrations. Today, the “Grands Crus” of the best restaurants in the world or the cigars of the most exclusive cigar lounges are stored and preserved in storage cabinets signed Eurocave.


But a Eurocave wine fridge does not only offer a highly performant wine storage solution, it also proposes a lifestyle storage cabinet matching with the high esthetic standards of every home thanks to the purity of its lines, the finishing of each material, the selection of sober colors and last but not least a large variety of size and volume in order to find a solution for every space.

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