Lobster: the King of crustaceans

Lobster: the King of crustaceans

The favorite home of blue lobster is marine rock bottoms where it can find worms, little sea shells and small fishes for food. Blue lobster can live up to 100m deep down the sea. 

Blue lobster is a pure delicacy, refined and delicate, served either poached, grilled or braised. Once cooked, the blue lobster shell will take an orange coloration. 

How to select a fresh blue lobster ? 

As always in the fine food world, the origin plays a key role. The blue lobster can be found from the Polar circle down to the Morrocan coastline exclusively. 

It can be fished only during a few months from April to September. 

A fresh blue lobster will be purchased « live ». Its tail should be vigourous and should curve up to its chest once held by the side. A thick shell will be a positive signal of abundant flesh. The best is to pick a heavy lobster with all its legs and antennas. 

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