How to enjoy fresh truffles?

How to enjoy fresh truffles?

First, you need the right ustensil : a truffle slicer in order to to slice the fresh truffle into noble and elegant little slices. Slicing the fresh truffle, on top of each plate, and close to each of guest is part of the ceremonial to eat fresh truffle.


It is necessary to consider that truffles should always be associated with a fat element such as butter, cream or eggs and with a warm preparation. Those ingredients, when cooked, are perfect to reveal the powerful aroma of truffle.

Some recipe ideas that include "truffle"



Any risotto recipe will require butter, therefore cooking a simple creamy risotto and spreading a few slices of fresh truffles will just add an exquisite touch. 

Preparing a frittata or a simple omelette can also be a perfect option. The mild taste of eggs will welcome perfectly the powerful strength of truffle. It will add a bit of bitterness developing a fantastic pungent perfume, you will never be able to eat omelette without truffle after testing it !

Tagliatelle with truffle is also a famous recipe, same like for the risotto, preparing some tagliatelle with a creamy sauce and adding a few slices of fresh truffle at the end will just twist your pasta into a culinary wonder.

And if you have some crumbles, do not throw them away but mix them with butter.

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