Homemade foie gras terrine prepared in microwave oven

Homemade foie gras terrine prepared in microwave oven


- 500g of raw duck foie gras, deveined and defrosted

- 7 gm of Hawaiian salt

- 3 gm of pepper

- 1 gm of Espelette chilli pepper

- 2 gm of sugar

The amount of salt , pepper and sugar depends much on the weight of your raw foie gras . It should be based on the following portions for 1kg raw foie gras :

- 15 g salt

- 8g pepper

- 4 g sugar

- chopped black truffle (optional)


Prepare the seasoning

1- Mix salt , sugar, pepper and Espelette chilli pepper and spread the aromatic rpeparation of a wooden board.

2- Place the foie gras on the wooden board and rub it lightly on all sides with this aromatic preparation so that the prepartion can infuse into the raw foie fras.

Prepare the foie gras

1- Then, place the seasoned foie gras in a ovendish (Pyrex type), do not cover and put in the microwave. The cooking time will depend on the shape of the liver, its weight and of course the power of the microwave. For a 1000W furnace and a foie gras of 500g, 1 minute and 40 seconds are ok. To check if the liver is properly cooked, dive a knife blade, it should be lukewarm inside the liver. If anydoubt, cook first for 1 minute and after, by slot of 20 seconds to check if it ok.

2- A good quality foie gras will generate just a little bit of fat after cooking. You can use this extra fat to seal over the terrine.

3- Then cover the terrine with a plastic film, place a weight over it to make the terrine compact and keep aside in the fridge for at least 6 hours (overnight is better).

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