Caviar, a declaration of love

Caviar, a declaration of love


Caviar, a declaration of love of pure taste


Caviaris more than a luxurious indulgence for festive celebrations: the eggs of the sturgeon are a declaration of love of pure taste. Today, caviar can be enjoyed without feeling guilty as most of the caviar offer in the world is a farm-caviar offer as it now hardly possible to get wild caviar from Caspian sea.


Traditionally, caviar refers to a delicacy consisting of salt-cured fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae (sturgeon) family, in other terms eggs extracted from wild sturgeons from the Caspian and Black Sea. Among the different sorts of caviar, 3 are more famous than others: Sevruga, Oscietrafrom Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon and Belugafrom Huso-huso sturgeon.


However, intensive fishing, smuggling and pollution have considerably reduced the sea's sturgeon population. Since 2005, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have started banning the import of Caspian sea wild caviar but since February 2011, the ban is fully enforced without any exception meaning that no wild caviar is officially available in the market.


The ban of Caspian sea fishing has lead to the development of sturgeons farms in different countries across the world. France was one of the first countries to start the sturgeon aquaculture for its caviar in the 90’s. Today, France is the 2nd farm caviar producer offering a wide range of fine and delicate caviars thanks to the successful implementation and breeding of sturgeons from the cold water of Siberia (Baeri) and from Caspian sea (Oscietra). 


How to store the precious eggs ?


Like every precious delights, caviar is extremely perishable and must be kept refrigerated between -3 and +3 degrees maximum without temperature variation. 


How to enjoy your Caviar ?


Always use a non-metallic spoon to taste caviar, we would recommend a mother pearl spoon. The caviar lovers will tell you they love to enjoy it pure. Others will like to associate it with blinis and sour cream, half-cooked eggs or on top of a cold cauliflower cream.

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