Pluma de Bellota / 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork feather 360 aed/kg - 600g (frozen) / price will be adjusted as per final weight

  • Joselito
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The previously unknown pluma is a tasty and aromatic cut, considered the most authentic flavour coming from acorn-fed 100% ibérico meat. Its healthy fat marbling makes it very succulent and tender. It can be cooked with very little oil, and although it is delicious on the grill, it can also be cooked in stews and casseroles. Pluma has a higher cooking point than other cuts of the Iberian pig.
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Brands Joselito
Weight 600g
1. Cook the pre-seasoned meat on the grill or in a very hot pan, on its own. 2. Brown well, so that it is seared on both sides. 3. Cut into thin fillets and sprinkle with a few drops of cider vinegar. Finish off with a refried spicy garlic chilli, green olive chunks and chopped pickled garlic.