The magical history of Valrhona

The magical history of Valrhona

Created by a pastry cook for pastry cooks, Valrhona lends its expertise to fine food, in order to offer professionals outstanding chocolate.

For now 90 years, Craftsmen and restaurateurs from all around the world trust Tain l’Hermitage to find unique chocolates, necessary to their creations.

Chosen by the best pastry chefs and master confectioners throughout the world for its very wide and innovative aromatic range, Valrhona aims at promoting gastronomic fulfilment of everyone who will ever taste their chocolates.

For the sake of dialogue and ethic, Valrhona leans on long-term co-development relationships with planters and renowned chefs.

Sensorial expertise is a new science, a wonderful tool that uses the five sens (sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste) in oder to describe, characterize and master all the organoleptic properties of the products. This is why Valrhona has decided to make of that science a fondamental value of the house, shared and practiced by all for an every moment control of the taste.

Reseach and innovation are the key words of Valrhona for many years. They are attached to strong values of quality and originality. This French chocolate factory is a forerunner on many products meant for professtionals through its creations and even introduced the subtle and typical aromas of chocolate to the whole world.


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You all know white, dark and milk chocolate. Well, in association with the French chef Frédéric Bau, Valrhona created a brand new kind of chocolate : the blond chocolate. It results from a happy mistake : Frédéric Bau accidentally heated white chocolate in a double boiler for 10 hours ! When he discovered the chocolate he forgot, he said that it smelled like “caramelized milk” and “grilled Breton shortbreads” (a French regional cake) and tasted like heaven.

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