I am demanding when it comes to what I eat: I demand the freshest produce, the highest quality, and the best taste.

To ensure this, I pay particular attention to the cold chain. This is an essential element anywhere in the world, but in the UAE, where temperatures can reach intense levels, it is paramount.  

For, I demand that my products, no matter what form they are in, are moved quickly, and to the highest possible hygienic standards. To do this,the same process is followed every time:

  • Fresh products are delivered directly from the supplier to the airport under strict hygienic control.
  • It is air-freighted to its destination and immediately collected by my dedicated transport fleet that is equipped with chillers and then stored in a certified warehouse.
  • Your order is quickly prepared and delivered directly to your door, again in own vehicles, which are rigorously maintained, controlled and cleaned daily. Each vehicle has been specifically designed to ensure that it deals effortlessly with the outside ambient temperature.
  • For total control of the delivery process, I insist that my fleet is continuously monitored through a GPS system so delivery is always smooth and untroubled.

You can rest assured that at your products are as fresh as they were when they left my supplier. This is my personal guarantee.