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Yuzu pearls - 200g

Christine Le Tennier
__ AED 79.00 __

Yuzu citrus is the size of an orange with a yellow skin. Its thick skin is slightly dented. Very fragrant zest and juice (scarce) are used. Taste: Between lemon, lime and tangerine. It's really good. It is native to eastern Asia and is widely used in Japanese cuisine.

Place a few Yuzu pearls in your open oysters, you will be amazed !

Algues de Bretagne are specialized in the production and transformation of seaweed coming from Brittany (France). More recently, they have developed a range of products creating some eatable pearls which are colorful, tasty, full of flavor and made from different textures. These small pearls can be added to your desserts, cocktails or even oysters (yuzu) to bring an additional personal touch !