Frozen yuzu extra unsweetened juice - 1kg - 100% natural, no added sugar, no preservative, no colouring

Sicoly France

SICOLY®'s frozen and sweetened yuzu purée is made from fruits grown in South Africa.

The pulp is extracted and sieved and then packaged here in our production facilities.

Raw or cooked, plain, desserts, iced desserts, verrines, tarts, jams, smoothies, milkshakes, kitchen dish accompaniments, sorbets, mousses, coulis, Bavarian creams, charlottes, fruits pastes, sauces, cocktails, long or short drinks, smoothies, ices...

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Weight 1kg
Specification Free from colourants and preservatives, SICOLY® fruit purées owe their flavour and colour to the painstaking selection of fruits and raw materials, to know-how and to effective processing technologies.