Still mineral water in glass bottle of 750ml - 6.5 aed/bottle - pack of 15 - ph >7, high calcium water, naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock, providing an optimal mineral composition.

Sant Aniol Spain

Filtered for thousands years through volcanic rocks of Garrotxa’s Natural Park provides the level of purity, free of contaminants and rich in minerals.

Low sodium content : 6.8mg/l, Sant Aniol´s low sodium content makes it suitable for use in the preparation of baby food.

Calcium content : 93.4 mg/l, Its calcium content is beneficial for all ages and necessary for the proper functioning of the heart and muscles in addition to maintaining strong bone structure.

Magnesium contente : 16.2mg/l, recommended for the treatment of calcium stones and is related to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Bicarbonate : 359mg/l, rich in bicarbonate promoting gastric digestion and facilitating intestinal transit. Alkaline water prevents the formation of kidney stones.



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Weight 750ml
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