A5-grade Kagoshima black haired wagyu beef striploin - (halal) (frozen), price will be adjusted as per the final weight

Kagoshima farms Japan
Unforgettable Japanese Wagyu Striploin Steak with texture, tenderness, and rich flavor in perfect balance. Subtly sweet, consistently marbled, delicate yet rich, slightly nutty and tender with a balanced texture.
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Specification A5 Wagyu from Japan. Its intense marbling and rich taste will send your umami sensors soaring while it literally melts in your mouth. This is some of the most sought-after beef in the world, curated from the best producers we can find and brought directly to your kitchen table.
Heat the griddle or skillet over high heat. Do not add fat. The pieces are deliberately thin, sear 1 min 30 to 2 min per side. Salt and pepper at the end of cooking. Let the meat rest for 5 minutes on an ideally warm plate and under aluminum foil. The meat will relax for an optimum result.
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