Winter truffles sliced/carpaccio - 200g (frozen)

Maison Gaillard France

Whole black truffles brushed from Perigord in southwest of France, sold frozen.

Truffles can be described as ‘gourmet mushrooms’.

They have a pungent, intense, earthy fragrance and lend a unique flavor and aroma to food.

The truffle is used in extremely small quantities and yet its flavor and aroma turn a standard offering of soup, chicken, meat or game into a gourmet experience.

More Information
Weight 200g
Specification Since 1906, every season from mid-Novembre till mid-March, J.Gaillard house has been buying hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of truffles. To guarantee a perfect savour, texture, marbling and maturity, a slit is made in each truffle witch a penknife after a series of tactile examinations.