Whole summer truffles - 70g

Tartufi Morra Italy

Sold in glass gar of 70g.

Without doubt, the finest truffle (tuber magnatum pico) available to man.

The white veining and marbling of the Italian Alba Truffle produces an aroma and flavor that is gastronomically unique and unforgettable.

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Weight 70g
Specification Giacomo Morra established Tartuffi Morra in Alba in 1930, in the marvellous, prestigious and mysterious hills of The Langhe. Tartuffi Morra was even mentioned on the Times edition from London on 28 November 1933 when it was reporting that the most exquisite and aromatic truffles in the world were to be found in this area. Over the years, Tartuffi Morra experience has evolved into a fine art, developing the intrinsic excellence and genuineness of the truffles that grow in The Langhe region.
Cooking suggestion : thinly sliced on raw veal, fondue, tagliatelle, risotto or fried eggs.