Chilled whole Wagyu beef tenderloin MS 8/9 - 710 aed/kg - 3 to 4kg (halal) - price will be adjusted as per final weight

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Tender, luscious and delightful are only a few words to describe the Wagyu tenderloin filet steak.

Wagyu is a breed of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling; a quality that delivers a true melt-in-the-mouth experience for diners. Wagyu beef is naturally enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 monounsaturated fats and contains a higher percentage of healthier monounsaturated fats than any other breed of cattle.

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All about cooking, dressing and thawing Wagyu beef

The tenderloins are two little muscles next to the backbone of a beef. As they hardly get any scope of exercise, filet mignons or tenderloin steaks are among the softest and most tender cuts of meat, especially if we think about Kobe filet mignons.

You may have also heard them called kobe beef, wagyu beef tenderloin or even Australian kobe, a word of Japanese origin used to identify a specific breed in the Kobe area of Japan. The herds there took much care in raising the cattle so that its flavor and fatty texture reached the greatest delicacy. Not surprisingly, expert butchers speak about the marbled-texture of these extraordinarily fine filet mignons, and the equation will be interpreted as the higher the amount of marbling, the better the sense of touch in your mouth and flavor.

There is not much difference in cooking conventional beef mignons and wagyu steaks and a grill continues to be the best way to prepare them. Just make sure you get that prized crispy outside but a juicy, fleshy center. The best way to prepare the tenderloin steaks is knowing which of the three cuts we are working with, being the butt best used for steak tartar or carpaccio, the center-cut for portion controlled steaks and the tail for beef Stroganoff. If you are a flavor-booster lover, filet mignons are ideal for pairing with wines and rich sauces but you can always dress up beef tenderloin with fresh herbs, simple butters, textured crust or spice rubs.

We have kept one last word of advice on thawing Kobe filet mignons and this because defrosting delicate meat should be done fast and right the night before we are planning to cook it. Ideally, you are using individually wrapped beef tenderloin filet mignons so you can put them in the refrigerator in its plastic packaging.