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Wagyu beef cube roll / rib eye WITH bone/ribs grade 6 - 6kg (chilled) (halal)

__ AED 1,701.00 __

This succulent whole Wagyu Rib Eye with ribs is cut from a wet-aged Wagyu prime rib roast. I Coming in at Marble Score 6, this Wagyu Rib Eye is sumptuously rich. This is one of the most premium Wagyu products on the market, made from the same cattle breeds used to produce the famed Japanese Kobe beef. They're raised 18 months free range, then finished with a special Japanese formulation of grain for 360 days to ensure that fantastic tenderness.

The Wagyu beef cube roll can be cooked with a plancha or a fry pan. The most important natural ingredient in the Wagyu beef is the fat which reveals a particular taste of butter and hazelnut. First of all, think to remove the meat from fridge one hour before cooking it. Then, to awaken the flavors, use a fine salt to season the meat and heat up a drop of a neutral oil in the pan. Without any addition of sauce, fry 2 minutes at a very high temperature on both sides, until the meat on the outside is golden brown, for eating it rare and for enjoying of its tenderness. The meat will detach naturally from the pan. Once the cooking time elapsed, let the Wagyu rest a few minutes and serve it in slices in order to appreciate, the beauty of heart melting and rosy.