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DOP Vacherin Mont d'Or from the French region of Franche-Comte Gold Medal - (cow milk)


Delicious soft cheese, matured in Franche-Comte and its immediate surroundings, Vacherin Mont-d'Or is a delight for gourmets, from October to April.

Dessert cheese, it works wonders with good crusty bread and a glass of wine.

Each Mons cheese is individually "affine" or refined meaning treated according to the technical process that create, ripen and develop cheese: regulated temperature, humidity, position within the different caves, whether the cheese should be kept wrapped or unwrapped, and on what the cheese should rest - great slabs of wood, or straw matting.

Herve Mons is Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000.

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Lined it with aluminum foil.

Pick with a fork. You can also insert one or two cloves of garlic.

Pour one deciliter dry white wine on its surface. Put 25 minutes in preheated oven at 200 ° C.

Vacherin Mont-d'Or "Oven" is ready.

Using a spoon, serve it on potatoes with their skins or enjoy it as fondue with bread. Bon appetit !