Truffle pearls - 200g

Christine Le Tennier France

Truffle savor pearls are small gelled spheres containing a delicious liquid heart.

Original, sensual and creative, they burst in your mouth with the truffle flavor.

Easy to use, place a few of those pearls on top of a foie gras toast and enjoy !

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Truffle pearls are a delicate and exquisite delight, as these small gelled spheres burst in your mouth, releasing their sensual truffle flavour.

These pearls will bring wonder and amazement to all your fine dinner parties, cocktails and soirées. They will enhance any delicacy with their original texture and they will definitely add a twist of crunchiness to your foie gras canapés.

You will be delighted to use these pearls to express your creativity in the kitchen and make a magical experience out of your finest meals. Bring elegance to your table with the delicious flavour of these pearls and have your guests wonder who the Chef is !