DOP Pecorino Romano produced in Sardinia - 200g (sheep milk) - sharp and spicy sheep's milk cheese, matured for 5 months


Pecorino Romano is produced exclusively from the milk of sheep raised on the plains of Lazio and in Sardinia. Most of the cheese is now produced on the island. Pecorino Romano must be made with lamb rennet paste derived exclusively from animals raised in the same production area.

Pecorino Romano is most often used on pasta dishes, like the better-known Parmigiano Reggiano. Its distinctive aromatic, pleasantly sharp, very salty flavour means that in Italian cuisine, it is preferred for some pasta dishes with highly flavoured sauces, especially those of Roman origin, such as bucatini all'amatriciana or spaghetti alla carbonara. The sharpness depends on the period of maturation, which varies from five months for a table cheese to at least eight months for a grating cheese.

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