Boulette d'Avesnes cheese (pasteurised cow milk) - 200g - flavoured with parsley, pepper, tarragon and cloves.

Maitre Affineur Herve Mons France
Boulette d’Avesnes is a cow's milk cheese originally produced in Avesnes, a village on the French-Belgian border. It is flavored with parsley, pepper, tarragon, and cloves and later shaped into a cone by hand. Each Mons cheese is individually "affine" or refined meaning treated according to the technical process that create, ripen and develop cheese: regulated temperature, humidity, position within the different caves, whether the cheese should be kept wrapped or unwrapped and on what the cheese should rest - great slabs of wood, or straw matting.
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Specification Herve Mons travels all over France, searching for the best cheeses, particularly from those farmers who are still using traditional methods of production. Then the cheeses are matured in the Mons caves to develop their aromas and taste. This is why today, Maison Mons is the official supplier of the best tables around the world and is recognized as the benchmark in specialty cheeses.