Tahitensis vanilla extract - concentration 200 gm/L - 1L

Eurovanille Madagascar

Colour : Brown.

Bouquet : Intense vanilla with notes of balsamic, grape and prune.

Tahitentis vanilla extract evokes a bouquet of intense, rich and true vanilla.

More Information
Weight 1L
Specification Over 170 aromatic molecules make up the famous vanilla flavour, the most prominent one being vanillin. These molecules are extracted using the following process : First the vanilla pods are partly ground and then left to steep in a mixture of water. This process has to be repeated a number of times in order to extract the vanillin completely. This leaves a solution full of aromatic molecules. The water is then eliminated through evaporation. We are then left with a pure vanilla concentration in the form of a dark brown, syrupy liquid which is then diluted on an inverted sugar.
Milk and dairy products: Eurovanille extracts are best when flavouring any dessert containing milk or cream as there is no humidity requirement when making these kinds of dishes. Be careful not to put in too much as it can turn too yellow. Ice-cream and cream-based desserts: Vanilla extract is particularly suitable for ice-cream as no intense heat is used and therefore the aroma is fully preserved and respected. The vanilla seeds also provide a pleasant appearance.