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Texturas surprise Crumel - 400g

__ AED 190.00 __

This product from the Surprises family offers cooks a magic possibility unthinkable until now ‐ the easy, convenient use of honey in its crystallised state.

Crumiel enables us to incorporate all the flavour of honey into a vast number of dishes, both sweet and savoury, to enhance them and make combinations with the widest variety of flavours and ingredients, adding a unique crunchy texture to every dish.

Characteristics: Presentation in small, irregular granules. It is extremely important to store CRUMIEL in a cool, very dry place to avoid humidification.

This is a line of products whose main feature is the possibility of consuming them directly, either on their own or mixed with other ingredients and preparations. They are products with different characteristics from one to the other but with one common denominator ‐ their special texture, individual and unique to each of them. Effervescent in the case of Fizzy, light in Malto and Yopol, and crunchy in Crumiel, Trisol and Crutomat. Flavours and textures that can represent a fantastic, surprising solution to the finish of recipes both sweet and savoury.