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Primeur Caviar freshly collected from the Siberian sturgeon specie - 15g - fresh and delicate taste of green hazelnut and cream

__ AED 155.00 __

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__ AED 155.00 __

The primeur caviar is a surprising and very original caviar by the Sturia house. This caviar is extracted from Acipenser Baeri fishes also called Siberian sturgeons. The specificity of this caviar is the crunchy and creamy texture of its shiny roes. Its taste is fresh and delicate similar to the taste of green hazelnut. The secret to obtain such an interesting texture comes from the preparation process, this caviar is proposed a few days after fishing, that’s why the taste is fresh and very ionized. It did not have time to mature and age like other caviars. Therefore, the roes did not have time to get soft. It is a very sensual caviar, especially when associated with sashimis as the roes roll under the palate!

Sturia Primeur procures a sensation of freshness which seduces even the best caviar connoisseurs. Its fresh hazelnut taste and its crunchy yet creamy texture are perfect allies of shellfish dishes.

Thanks to a meticulous selection at each step of the elaboration and of the maturation, Sturgeon produces the best of the caviar. Sturia handcraft « savoir-faire » results in the production of caviar having a full expression of delicate hazelnuts notes with iodized final. Delicately salted “malossol” way, these crispy roes reveal an unequalled flavor and length in the mouth.