Prestige Caviar with exceptional size roe "Beluga style" - 15g - most prestigious caviar of the Sturia selection

Sturia France

The Prestige caviar is the most precious of Sturia house caviar production. Its roes, of an amazing size about 3 mm, are dark, firm and crunchy with iodized flavours. This caviar is extracted from the Acipenser Baeri sturgeon. Those eggs are rare because only 4% of the caviar production supersede 3 mm diameter. In this sense, the Prestige caviar compete with the eggs of the prestigious Beluga caviar. Once collected, the roes have been aged over 6 months in order to get a powerful ionized taste in the palate. This caviar is a fantastic caviar for a pure delight of subtlety. It goes also very well with dishes associated with the Japanese cuisine.

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Specification Thanks to a meticulous selection at each step of the elaboration of the maturation, Sturgeon produces the best of caviar. Sturia handcraft "savoir-faire" results in the production of caviar having a full expression of delicate hazelnut notes with iodized final. Delicately salted "malossol" way, these crispy roes reveal an unequalled flavor and length in mouth.