Texturas sperification Gluco - 600g

Texturas Spain

Gluco consists of calcium gluconolactate, a mixture of two calcium salts (calcium gluconate and calcium lactate) that produces a product rich in calcium and perfect for the technique of Inverse Spherification, while adding no flavour whatsoever to the food under preparation.

In the food industry calcium gluconolactate is used to enrich different foodstuffs with calcium. Gluco was chosen for its excellent behaviour in Spherification processes.

Characteristics: Presentation in powder form, soluble in cold liquids, and to avoid difficulties in dissolving, add Gluco before any other powder product. This product is problem free in acidic, alcoholic or fatty mediums.

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Specification Spherification is a spectacular cooking technique we introduced at elBulli in 2003 which enables us to prepare recipes that no-one had even imagined before. It consists of the controlled gelification of a liquid which, submerged in a bath, forms spheres.