WILD-caught skrei (cod fish) fillet 180 aed/kg - between 1.5 to 2kg - the Valentine's fish - price will be adjusted as per final weight


What makes Skrei so unique ? Its beautifully white, light and lean flesh firm flakes, a texture earned during its long swim. Its delicate, silky smooth flavour. Last but not least, the clean taste that comes from swimming in the cold, clear waters of Norway

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Weight 500g
Specification Norway has a long and proud seafaring heritage stretching back thousands of years, and its people have rightly earned a reputation for harvesting some of the finest seafood in the world. But every winter, something remarkable happens off Norway’s northern reaches that gives its fishing communities – and seafood lovers everywhere – particular cause for celebration. Driven by instinct, great multitudes of cod return from the depths of the Barents Sea to their original spawning grounds all the way off the coast of northern Norway. These cod arrive in their prime, groomed to perfection by their epic 1000 km swim through freezing, turbulent waters. This heroic journey gives them incredible flesh that’s unsurpassed in taste and texture, flaking off in sumptuous meaty chunks.