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Premium whole ceps/porcini bouchon - 445g

__ AED 141.75 __

Prized as an ingredient in various foods, porcini is an edible mushroom held in high regard in many cuisines, and is commonly prepared and cooked in soups, pasta, or risotto. The flavour is described as nutty and slightly meaty, with a smooth, creamy texture, and a distinctive aroma reminiscent of sourdough.

All Sabarot mushrooms are rigorously selected and processed by the most up-to-dates methods in their dedicated factories, manufacturing to the highiest standards required and meeting a wide range of needs in many countries.

For more than 30 years, Sabarot has been dealing with local trusted partners to create a worldwide sourcing network that enable Sabarot today to insure the customers quality, quantity and traceability on origins.