Pre-baked mini croissants "all-butter" Lenotre - 12 x 30g (frozen) - generic packing / follow our cooking tip

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The mini all-butter croissants are made of the best ingredients you can find to produce delicious croissants a la francaise. The secret of the success of the mini all-butter croissants by Lenotre is the quality of the butter used in the recipe. This butter is originated from the renown AOP region Charente-Poitou, it is considered a very premium butter quality. Their small size make them very enjoyable without any guilty feeling of “gourmandise”. Once prepared, the mini “all-butter” croissants are then pre-proofed and immediately flash-frozen.

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Defrost for 15 minutes.

Preheat your oven at 165 C and bake for 12/14 minutes.