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Selection of the 10 best cocoa origins in the world by Francois Pralus - 500g

Francois Pralus
__ AED 147.00 __

The flagship product of the House Pralus. A selection of 50gm bars from the world’s 10 greatest origins: Papua, Indonesia, Sao Tome, Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ghana, Madagascar, Colombia and Ecuador.

From the exceptional beans selected by himself, Francois Pralus produces around fifteen pure varieties and 4 blends. "I do everything myself says François Pralus, rather than buying from specialised suppliers." And he has gone even further since he now has his own cocoa bean plantation in Madagascar . François Pralus gives away one of his little secrets to give us a more precise idea of how he obtains the right flavour before he starts to manufacture: "I brew the cocoa in water, rather like making herbal tea and sweeten it slightly with sugar, then I leave it to settle. This gives me a precise idea of what the flavour will be like before I launch the manufacturing process."