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Poulet fermier noir - free-range black chicken - about 1.4kg (halal) (frozen)

Thomas & Fils
__ AED 63.00 __

Delivered frozen, the chicken can be cooked immediately or directly stored in your freezer. Corn fed, free range black chicken from Vendee. Black chicken have more intense flavor, less fatty, they are also a bit dryer.

Thomas and fils produces all the year long a qualitative poultry offer based on traditional principles: a rigorous selection of animals, experience and know-how in poultry breeding and traditional recipes.

In France, there is a big distinction made between "poulet fermier" and "normal chicken" or "industrial chicken"."Poulet fermier" can mean two things: either the bird is a "open air chicken", which means he has spent his life in a large open air area and has been fed grain and milk, and/or he is a "free range chicken", the highest quality chicken, and was able to freely run and being fed grain and milk. Black chickens have longer legs than yellow chickens.